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Corporate Massage at Kimberley Physiotherapy


On-site / At-desk massage corporate health sessions are the most effective intervention for decreasing the duration of musculoskeletal aches, pains or discomfort, and for increasing range of motion. A Visit from a qualified massage therapist in the comfort of your office can help reduce sick days, stress leave and improve productivity in your office.This year Kimberley Physiotherapy is super excited to release its Corporate Health and Wellness program. The program can assist businesses keep on top of staff health and wellbeing with a number of services.

Massage at work is the ultimate way to relax, reward and revive your team!

Seated massage: This involves the therapist bringing their massage chair and providing a massage to the recipient’s back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands. For best therapeutic results we ask the company to allocate a separate room where the therapist can set up their equipment and play relaxing music. Recommended massage time is 15 or 20 minutes per person.

BENEFITS INCLUDE : Helping to reduce stress, improving productivity, rewarding you team, increases team morale and energy, helping cope with stress associated with looming deadlines.



Our qualified physiotherapists can also offer advice on work stations, corrective exercise to help combat postural dysfunction caused by sitting for long periods, or even let us organise a group pilates session for your corporate group. We are also available for rehabilitation, workers compensation cases, recovering from injury and general health and fitness.

Myofascial release and mobility sessions. Let us help you design a program for your staff which comes with a full demonstration of how to use foam rollers and trigger point balls as well as movement to open the body up from that seated chair position. Designed to cater for up to 12 people at a time.

Specialised Pilates program. We are now offering corporate sessions for pilates equipment. Come and take part in a 45 minute session including a 10 minute stretch which helps to restore mobility and functionality to the body. Designed to cater for up to 12 people at a time.

For pricing and more information send an email to

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