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Reformer Pilates Classes run by qualified Physiotherapists!

Run by qualified physiotherapists using Reformer machines to take the body through loaded movements to lengthen and strengthen the body.


No classes in the week are presented the same. Experience refreshing combinations of low impact exercise that works the whole body, while focusing on body awareness in a variety of positions. 


Enjoy the challenge of using assorted props to enhance your workout, such as pilates ball, pilates circles, resistant bands, jumpboard and loop bands. 


Beginners are encouraged to book into any class that is available and be confident that the instructor is conscious of each individual in the class


Private Health Fund Claimable after a session with one of our physiotherapists.

Download the Mindbody app or click below to book a class. 

So... What Even Is A Reformer!?

Wondering what's the big deal about reformer classes?

Here's the low down!


Reformer pilates is a low impact form of exercise, that is designed to promote an accurate workout with adjustable intensity to suit any level of strength and ability. Professional guidance allows this form of exercise to be modified to support recovery from injury, enhancement of body tone, core strength, alignment, and is suitable for pre and post pregnancy.


The Reformer is a dynamic machine made up of a sliding carriage that moves by way of a pulley system, which is resisted by springs to challenge your body in various postures while aiming to control movement. This method of exercise helps to strengthen and lengthen the muscles at the same time. It is the feedback the body gets from the moving carriage that enhances balance, spatial awareness and trunk control.

Still not sure about jumping on the reformer? Book a session with one of our amazing physiotherapists and they will take you through how to use a reformer to get the most out of your work outs, while avoiding aggravating any current injuries this will give you the confidence you need to join any of our classes and get your body moving!

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