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  • When are you open?
    Kimberley Physiotherapy operating hours: Reception open from 7.30am-5.30pm weekdays, 8am-12pm Saturdays Appointments available form 7am-6pm weekdays, 8am-12pm Saturdays Reformer classes commence at 6am weekdays, finishing up at 6,15pm. The clinic is closed Sundays.
  • How do I book an appointment?
    Kimberley Physiotherapy can be reached by phone on 08 91579873, via email or online using a link on our webpage You will receive an SMS reminder for your booked appointment.
  • How do I cancel an appointment?
    If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please phone or email the clinic to arrange. We have voicemail so you can leave a clear message to indicate your details. Late cancelations may incur a fee if prior notice is not received within 2 hours of appointment and failed attendance without notice will result in a fee.
  • Is there parking available for the clinic?
    Kimberley physiotherapy is located in the heart of Chinatown Broome and there is no specific parking allocated to the clinic. During peak periods during the day, which is usually between 10-2pm you may need to allow an extra 5 minutes to get to your scheduled appointment. There is an ACROD parking bay located directly outside the Clinic.
  • What does a physiotherapist do?
    A Physiotherapy session involves our Physiotherapist taking you through a thorough professional physical assessment followed by a diagnosis of your specific problem. Physiotherapists help you understand what causes the problems and related injuries as part of our educational approach to integrating the treatment with your lifestyle. This is then followed by a variety of treatment techniques and exercises to assist your return to mobility and full function.
  • What can I expect from an appointment with a physiotherapist?
    The average physiotherapy session varies from 30 minutes to 1 hour, with most patients receiving a structured series of exercise and stretches to do at home to complement their treatment in our physiotherapy clinic. All our treatments are one-on-one in private treatment rooms – we never see more than one patient at a time. You do not need a Doctor’s referral to see our Physiotherapists and health funds will pay a rebate for part of the cost of your physio consultation.
  • What appointment do I book?
    If you are new to the clinic, have not been for over 12 months or have a new issue book an Initial Consultation. Follow up appointments are Standard Consultations, unless and extended visit is required. The clinic offers Womens Health consults and these need to be selected specifically to allow an extended appointment to be allocated.
  • Who should I book with?
    Kimberley Physiotherapy has a team of Clinicians that can manage a variety of presentations including Musculoskeletal issues, sports injuries, headaches, fitness assessment and exercise prescription, Womens Health, Remedial massage, ergonomic assessments and manual handling. You can investigate each therapist via this link to determine your preference or need.
  • What should I wear to my appointment?
    Generally you should wear something loose fitting, Your Physio will most likely need to see the affected area to treat it effectively. Given this you may need to remove some articles of clothing. If you are uncomfortable with this or would like a Physio of a specific sex to be treating you, mention this to the person taking your booking.
  • What should I expect to happen on the first visit?
    Our clinic aims to provide an efficient service and being at your appointment 5 minutes early is preferred to allow collection of Personal information for our records. The consultation lasts 30 minutes, unless an extended appointment is scheduled. The session includes assessment, treatment options, goal setting and advice regarding your issue.
  • Do I need a doctor's referral to book an appointment?
    As a Private patient, you do not need a Doctors referral. If you are Veteran Affairs (DVA), claiming for a work injury or motor vehicle accident, a doctors referral is required. Further information regarding insurance cover and employer contact will also be required.
  • How long are the appointments, how frequently will I need to come in and for how long?"
    Appointments vary from 30min (initial and standard consults) -60 minutes (remedial massage, womens health and complex issues involving more than one problem). It is difficult to determine the management plan required until the first assessment, however, we aim to provide relevant education and exercise prescription to each client to aid in their recovery including the estimated time to achieve individual goals.
  • Can a physiotherapist refer me for an xray?
    Currently, Physiotherapists in WA can refer for spinal and pelvic xrays that are covered by Medicare. All other areas of the body requiring xrays or scans require a Doctor to provide the referral to avoid paying any gap.
  • Do you do Home or Gym Visits?
    Yes. Our therapists can provide home consultations. Please indicate this clearly when making an appointment as these consults require an extended booking and time must be allocated for travel.
  • What is the difference between Acupuncture and Dry Needling?
    Both practices use very thin needles that are inserted into the skin, but the treatment aims and reasoning differ completely. During an acupuncture session, needles are inserted into points along meridian lines. These lines represent the body’s organs, and they are based on ancient Chinese medicine. Dry needling used by Physiotherapists involves needles being inserted into trigger points, or tender bands of muscle located within larger muscles. When needles are inserted into trigger points, they elicit a response that releases the trigger point and aims to restore normal function.
  • What are Reformer classes?
    A reformer is a exercise platform has been purpose built to challenge your body in safe and low impact way. It’s made up of a rolling carriage that’s held in place by adjustable springs to create resistance. The spring-loaded tension has a similar effect on the body to gravity and allows you to build strength by pushing or pulling against the resistance of the springs. On the reformer, you’ll perform a range of movements using the muscles in your arms, legs, torso, glutes and back. Each of these exercises is designed to target parts of your body that you normally would not use in everyday life. The key to using the reformer is to maintain control of your body and the rolling carriage. You will instinctively start to use your core muscles to be able to control your movement and the reformer. Aims of exercising on the reformer include - increased flexibility and range of mobility - improved posture, coordination and confidence when balancing - enhance fitness
  • What do I bring to my reformer class?
    • Comfortable clothing that is not too loose to avoid catching on equipment is preferred. • Grips socks - beneficial to provide better grip when in standing poses. We sell a variety of them in the clinic. • We sell Reformer mats, which also helps with grip as well as hygiene. • A towel is useful if you sweat or would like to soften your grip with hands.
  • How long are the classes?
    All Reformer classes go for 45 minutes. They include a gradual progression of exercises to allow adequate warm up and include some stretching at the end.
  • How many people are in a class?
    Our Reformer classes can have up to 6 people at a time. Book early to allow preferred time and day.
  • How do I book?
    Our clinic uses the MINDBODY App for online bookings to manage Reformer classes. Once you register, you are able to view the current schedule, select and book classes and pay online. Please note memberships are not available to purchase on the app. They can be purchased through the Mindbody Website linked below. The App then allows you to view your upcoming visits, payment and class history and cancel sessions with adequate notice. You can also book through our website on the Classes page.
  • How do I choose a class? What are the differences?
    All our classes are instructed by qualified Physiotherapists that have had Reformer training and certification. This allows us to monitor, adjust and correct exercises during the session. As we are able to modify as required, all classes are suitable for beginners as well as advanced participants. Class titles may indicate a specific focus for the session, but as you will find out, a variety of muscles, postures and challenges are presented in each class.
  • Do I need to see a physiotherapist first?
    If you intend to claim Health Insurance benefits for Reformer classes, we will require to have an assessment to determine any injuries, weaknesses or concerns that may affect safe and effective participation in classes. If you have had regular physiotherapy at the clinic and wish to commence Reformer classes, a brief introduction to the equipment can be arranged prior to starting.
  • Can I claim classes on private health?
    Reformer classes can be claimed from Private insurance company’s under Physiotherapy - Group therapy (Item560). Rebates will vary depending on premium and choice of cover.
  • What if there's no space?
    As our classes are limited to 6 participants, there is often a waitlist that is operated on the mindbody App. We encourage you to add yourself to the waitlist as often you will get a position in the class. It is important you select notifications via text and email to be up to date with waitlist changes. You will receive an automated SMS to indicate that you were successful to attend the class. Respond “Y” of “N” promptly to allow others to book in if you no longer wish to participate. You will then get a confirmation of your choice.
  • What happens if i miss a class?
    We understand that unexpected events could occur that mean you are unable to attend a class. The clinic has adopted a late cancellation policy that may mean you incur a late fee of $20 deducted from your account. A 3 hour notice is required for all classes. If you are absent from the class and did not cancel you will incur a ‘no show’ fee of $35 deducted from your account
  • How much are Reformer classes?
    Each Reformer session costs $35. However we offer packages and memberships. Individual Classes = $35 5 Pack of Classes = $165 10 Pack of Classes $300 2x Classes week = $55 p/wk 3x Classes week = $70 p/wk 4x Classes week = $80 p/wk 5x Classes week = $90 p/wk 2 Week Intro Offer = $200 4 x Classes
  • Does my private insurance cover physiotherapy?
    Physiotherapy is a popular allied health service that is included in all health funds. However, the level of cover and choices made when setting up your fund may affect how much and if physiotherapy is chosen as a preference for cover. We have a HICAPS terminal and you will be able to claim your rebate electronically using your Health Insurance card. If you forget your card, we can print or email you a receipt to claim online with your insurance company. You can check if your Health fund is included on HICAPS via the link below:
  • Does Medicare cover any Physiotherapy consults?
    If you are eligible, you can obtain a Patient Care plan from your Doctor, which can include up to 5 visits to physiotherapy in a 12 month period. At Kimberley Physiotherapy you pay the full consultation fee on the day of treatment, including the gap payment. On the day of your Initial consultation day, you bring your Medicare card and an EFT (savings/cheque) card. We are then able to process the re-imbursement of the Medicare rebate directly into your nominated bank account without the need for you to go to Medicare to claim. The Medicare rebate is credited into your account overnight.
  • How much does a consultation cost me?
    Private Fees Initial Consultation (30-40min) $ 110 Standard Consultation (20-30min) $ 98 Extended Consultation (60min) $ 194 Womens Health Initial Consultation (60min) $194 Womens Health Standard Consultation (45min) $140 Remedial Massage 30 min $ 63 Remedial Massage 60min $ 116 Remedial Massage 90min $169
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